Maroon 5, “Sunday Morning” (2002)

One drawback to not listening to top-40 radio is that you miss hit songs when they’re current. Conversely, not discovering you like a song until fourteen years after its release means you don’t have to worry about hearing it played too often, and there are usually a handful of live and acoustic versions to enjoy by then.

Phil Collins, “Behind the Lines” (1981)

I recently bought the remastered deluxe editions of some of Collins’ older work, which came with an extra disc’s worth of live and demo recordings. This song, from his first solo album, has been on repeat in my head since yesterday, when I finally got to hear the extra live version. Apparently, it was originally a slower, artsy Genesis song until they played it back at double speed, prompting Collins to rerecord it himself with Earth, Wind, and Fire’s horn section.